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Are You Kind to the Person in the Mirror?

I want you to imagine for a minute, a child who is scared and struggling with something. Who is constantly faced with a parent who criticizes them for not being better? That parent continually shares how disappointed and betrayed they feel because the child isn’t meeting their expectations. We can only imagine what the child… Continue reading Are You Kind to the Person in the Mirror?


The Body’s Wisdom

Consider this question…”How can [what is here] assist me?” How can our health challenges assist us? What are they telling us? What can we learn from them? Have you ever considered that our symptoms are not just telling us something is imbalanced in our body but that they may be signals of a deeper issue… Continue reading The Body’s Wisdom


An Unusual Lesson in Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Everything about it brings me joy – building the menu, cooking the food with care and love, setting the table with beautiful dishes and homemade crafts, and visiting with the friends and family who attend. To me it feels like warmth, love and happiness. As I prepare for another Thanksgiving… Continue reading An Unusual Lesson in Thanks


Everyone Needs A Happy Place

Living from the inside out is much more than just caring for your diet and exercise. It also includes taking care of your mind and spirit. I have had an exceptionally stressful few weeks and in reflecting on what had got me to that point I realized that I had made adjustments in my schedule to accommodate… Continue reading Everyone Needs A Happy Place